Amtrak To Add Overnight Trains To 14 Routes Around The U.S.

Overnight trains are a great idea if you want to travel long distances without getting on an airplane. Amtrak has offered these types of trains for a while, but now it will offer newer trains for its Amtrak Long Distance Network along more routes.

Overnight Trains Offer Amazing Sights Along The Way

These newer train cars will be used on routes that are very popular like the Southwest Chief, Empire Builder, Crescent, Coast Starlight, and the California Zephyr.

Tony Coscia, Amtrak Board Chair, shared in a statement: “Purchasing new long-distance train cars will allow Amtrak to upgrade and modernize the iconic and vital overnight services that link our nation’s major regions. We are looking for new trains that improve safety, reliability, accessibility, and efficiency while offering the features our customers believe are most important to modernizing overnight train travel for the 21st century.”

Amtrak announced that it will also be conducting research on which amenities customers will appreciate the most so they can add them to the overnight and long distance trains. The company announced that most of the current overnight train fleet “will approach the end of its service life after the next decade.”

Private Rooms Include Overnight Accommodations

In December 2022, Amtrak announced that there will be amenities added onto their trains to make trips more comfortable for passengers. These include individual outlets, USB ports, and panoramic windows on the new Amtrak Airo trains, which will be introduced to the public in 2026 all around the U.S.

There will also be new Acela trains added to the Northeast Corridor, and these new trains will include contactless storage for suitcases as well as winged headrests.

All of these changes come from Amtrak’s goal to increase overnight travels across the country. These journeys offer passengers incredible sights across the country that range from desert landscapes to cityscapes.

Private rooms on Amtrak will also have different configurations available that range from small “roomettes” all the way to family bedrooms. The private rooms include free WiFi access, lounge access, complimentary meals, and turn down service.

There Are Family Rooms Available