Low Cost Airline Breeze Airways Adds More U.S. Routes

Breeze Airways is a low cost airline that was founded by David Neeleman in July 2018 as Moxy Airways but was rebranded to Breeze in May 2021. WIth it being such a new airline, it is expected that it will slowly keep adding new routes, with the most recent added destinations having recently been announced.

Breeze Airways Is Adding New Routes

The new routes will connect smaller airports together and include cities in California, Florida, Ohio, Rhode Island, and more. There will also be more “BreezeThru” connection flights, where the flight will stop at a connecting airport but passengers will not have to leave the airplane during the stopover.

Tom Doxey, the airlines’ president shared with Travel + Leisure: “Breeze always looks for underserved routes where we can add nonstop flights, low fares and our brand of Seriously Nice service. Today we’re excited to connect the dots between 14 of our existing cities with 15 more nonstops and 7 new BreezeThru routes, with fares as low as $39 one way.”

These New Routes Will Connect Smaller Airports

In a few months, there will also be flights between Cincinnati and Orange County as well as Providence, between Columbus and Orange County, and between Columbus and Raleigh-Durham.

More routes that will be added down the line include between Jacksonville and Raleigh-Durham, between Orange County and Pittsburgh, and Raleigh-Durham and Richmond, VA.

BreezeThru will be added to cities including Hartford, Jacksonville, San Francisco, and Tampa.

Neeleman also founded JetBlue, and Breeze is his latest venture in the airline space. The low cost airline was named as one of the best domestic airlines by Travel + Leisure readers.

Will any of these new routes be helpful for your travels?

Breeze Founder Also Founded JetBlue