The New Oreo Flavor Will Be Featuring…More Oreos

There’s a reason why Oreos are some of the most popular cookies in America and also all around the world and the best selling in both. First introduced by Nabisco in 1912, they are available in over 100 countries worldwide. Did you know that Oreos were actually created as an imitation of Hydrox cookies, but ended up completely overtaking them in popularity?

The Cookies Feature More Oreos In The Cream

Nowadays, it’s always exciting to take a look at the cookie aisle in the supermarket to see which new fun flavor Oreo has released. The variations have included some other classic flavors like dark chocolate, peanut butter, mint, and birthday cake. However, there’s always been a lot of more daring flavors introduced every once in a while, for example caramel apple, jelly donut, and chocolate strawberry.

These are sometimes a wild success, while others sometimes fall flat despite the bold attempt at creativity. Now, Oreo has announced its newest limited edition flavor, which is called The Most Oreo Oreo.

As the company says, this flavor is “so meta,” and includes two of the classic cookies as “bsecakes” and includes Double Stuf level creme inside. However, what makes this The Most Oreo is the fact that the creme has little bits of Oreo cookie inside of it, making it quite literally a cookies and cream cookie sandwich.

The Most Oreo Oreo

It is helping launch the company’s The Oreoverse, which is the online metaverse platform that Oreo has launched in order to help fans play Oreo themed games with the chance to win $50,000. The Oreoverse can be reached by participating in the VR game Meta Horizon Worlds, which can be accessed with a Meta Quest 2 of Meta Quest Pro headset. It can also be reached at

Oreo senior brand manager Julia Rosenbloom shared: “We’re so excited to enter the metaverse! Oreo is the cookie that begs to be played with, and we love to create new opportunities for our fans to connect with each other and share that playful spirit. The Most Oreo Oreo cookie gives fans a whole new way to playfully engage with us. By scanning the pack, they will ‘dunk into’ the new Oreoverse world.”

Oreo superfan Martha Stewart also announced that she will be heading into the Oreoverse and making her metaverse debut. She shared: “I am excited to make my metaverse debut in partnership with one of my favorite cookie brands, and having Ryan there with me will make it all the more fun. The two of us have had our fair share of adventures over the last 10 years and have been able to navigate just about anything together, especially in the garden!”

The Most Oreo Oreo sandwich cookies are available on for presale and will be on shelves starting January 30th.

Even Martha Stewart Is Excited About The Oreoverse