How To Get Free Guacamole From Chipotle

It’s happened to all of us. You’re standing in line at Chipotle, choosing the components to make up the perfect burrito bowl, when you reach the end of the line and are informed that the guacamole is extra. Then comes the eternal struggle: to get it or not to get it. Many have been frustrated by the fact that they need to pay more for the delicious and beloved Chipotle guac, but did you know there’s a way to get it for free?

How To Get Free Guac At Chipotle

Chipotle recently posted about how to get a free serving of guacamole, every time you order. You might be thinking that there must be a catch. Well, there is, but it’s not as bad as you might think. The fact is, if your order is veggie-only, you can get guacamole as a free topping.

This is fantastic news to all vegetarian and vegan Chipotle lovers. The restaurant chain posted an image that says: “Guac Is Not Extra When You Go Veggie Only.” So what did people say about this?

There were some mixed responses from customers about this news. One person said:  “Without meat chipotle is trash. Sorry it’s the truth..i have had better tasting food in the l.a. county jail,” to which we say, ouch. Another person said: “the part where non grass eaters get discriminated against.”

Would You Get A Veggie Only Dish?

Another person said: “Dang guys. I was just trying to save some money today & eat at home but you made me hungry with this advertisement so now I have to go buy it. Love you guys. Have since day one,” one Instagram user wrote. One very excited Chipotle fan said, “I AM GETTING A BOWL OF GUACAMOLE HOLY S*** I AM LIVING.”

The fact remains that you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy a veggie-only bowl, and one non-vegetarian customer shared: “i go veggie only and i’m as close to a carnivore as it gets, but chipotle veggie bowls are just PERFECT.”

So honestly, if you are so determined to get free guacamole, then going veggie-only is the way to go. However, if you simply cannot think of enjoying a Chipotle meal sans-meat, you can always just pay extra for guacamole.

What do you think of this Chipotle “hack”?

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